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Reverse Osmosis Filter
- Undersink RO water system in kitchen
- High Utilization of water
- LED Display

1-With 3.0G plastic tank.
2-Auto shut-off valve.
3-Goose faucet
4-Booster pump
5-Rated voltage: 220V
6-Rated frequency: 50Hz
7-Rated power: 330W
8-Capacity of purifying water: 8.2L/H
9-Applicable water: Tap water
10-Utilization of water: 50%
11-The temperature of the water: 5-38 degree
12-With LED display, can show real time, temperature, life of filter, TDS,

Monitor water quality with TDS display.

Failure waring if non-stop in 6 hours with power cut-off function.

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